Climbing Bear Opening Times


There is also an option to attend for just the afternoon sessions; dropping off at 12:45pm and collecting by 3:15pm,

Term time only.


The timings of the sessions are as follows:


8.40am – 8.55am – Drop off. Parents are encouraged to settle their children in the setting. This allows the children to become involved in an activity and parents can leave them engrossed and happy. Please note that due to insurance restrictions no child can be left by their parents/carers until 9am.

9am – Start of session and free play. Throughout the session the children can choose the activities they become involved in. However, staff are trained to plan for the individual needs of a child and will adapt and amend activities according to individual children.


10.15am – 10.45am approx; Rolling snack time. At Climbing Bears we practice a rolling snack time. This means that from approx


10.15am children will be made aware that snack time is taking place. Those new to the setting will be actively encouraged to take part, whilst those used to the system soon begin to choose when they would like to have their snack. Children continue to play whilst others take a break. Those choosing snack time sit down together in groups at a table, encouraging conversation and integration to take place. Climbing Bears also promotes a healthy eating policy within the snack times. The children are offered milk or water to drink. They can choose between a variety of fruits and vegetables to eat and a choice of healthy snacks or biscuits.


10.45am – 12pm – Small group activities and free play. This is a time when we divide into small groups and work on the skills individual children need to develop. This is done by careful planning within the session, so that the children are still playing but the activities are tailored to the individual child.


12pm – 12.15pm – Tidy up time and whole group activity. At approx. 12.00 staff let the children know that it is Tidy Up Time, an activity everyone is involved in. Then the whole group takes part in the Letter Sound of the Week activity. The children are encouraged to bring in an object that begins with the letter sound of the week and these are brought out at this time in the session. We may also discuss the theme, sing some songs etc.


12.15pm – 12.40pm – Lunch Time.


12.45pm – 1.00pm – Quiet Time.


12.40pm – 1pm – Home Time.


Parents/carers can collect their children from 12.40pm.


Afternoon Sessions


Following a similar structure to the morning, there is a mix of child-initiated and adult-led activities alongside craft, role play and construction.

Monday Afternoon - Music Bus session charged at £3 per child per week

Tuesday Afternoon - Sports Focus UK charged at £3 per child per week

Thursday Afternoon - Southdowns Yoga session charged at £3 per week


Monday, Tuesday and Thursday Afternoons – Gates Open at 3pm with collection by 3.15pm


All times are approximate